Behind the Seams: Meet Lisa Leverington of Lady of Leisure Millinery

 Behind the Seams: Meet Lisa Leverington of Lady of Leisure Millinery

We were lucky enough to chat with Lisa Leverington, founder and designer of the millinery label 'Lady of Leisure' about her creative process and top trends for this Spring Racing Carnival. 

What inspired your current collection?

La Dolce Vita, is all about the sweet life of a modern day woman who is confident and daring in what she wears. This stems from my inclination to mixing hard textures with soft traditional millinery materials, such as metal and crystals with sinamay or straw.

What is your favourite material to work with when creating a bespoke piece?

I am just loving working with metals at the moment, there’s no room to hide ‘stitches’ or ‘blemishes’ so it's challenging with a modern effect!

What are the top trends for millinery this Spring Carnival?

Statement headbands are here to stay. Everyone wants to look edgy and chic whilst being comfortable for the day.

Can you please touch on the design process for a new style?

I usually fall in love with a fabric and as every texture moves so differently, I try to play with it extensively before I design to explore its features. Then I think about what design I’d like to wear and ask myself; is this design on trend? Is it different enough to what is currently on the market? How can I change the design so that it is unique to ‘Lady of Leisure’ girl?

Then during construction there’s a lot of thought towards comfort and stability to the wearer.

Favourite Carnival day? 

Definitely Derby Day followed closely by Oaks Day! I think it's so elegant seeing everyone in monochrome and I also love the romantic feel of Oaks Day and all the colour!

Do you have a favourite piece?

Several, don’t ask me to name them all! But I love how each headpiece conjures up an emotion, like the “Aurora” headpiece makes me feel glam and confident and “Kirra” pearl turban I feel cheeky and cool… haha I have no idea why! 

Thankyou Lisa! You can also follow the Lady of Leisure journey on IG @ladyofleisuremillinery

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