Introducing: Back Up Dress

Introducing: Back Up Dress

We are so excited to launch our newest feature to make renting even more enjoyable and stress free! Introducing… our back up dress feature!

What does it mean?

The back up dress is super handy for when you love a particular dress but not sure which size you are then you can get both! Alternatively if you are confident on size you can reserve two styles and see whichever you love most. The back up dress is just $15 so is a no-brainer for the peace of mind.

How does it work?

  1. Add your original dress to your cart
  2. Select another dress and add to your cart ensuring the delivery date is the same
  3. When you add the back up dress to your cart, the lower priced dress will automatically discount to $15
  4. Both dresses will arrive together, simply remove the tag only from the dress you choose to wear for your event. Untagged dresses are considered ‘worn’ and accrue the full rental price

We hope this new feature will help you find the perfect look for your event and have a more seamless and stress-free renting experience.

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