Introducing: Your Closet Reviews

Introducing: Your Closet Reviews

We are very excited to share our new feature to help you find the perfect size and fit called 'Customer Reviews'.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How will this dress look like on my body shape? Does it run small, true or big?
  • What shoes or jewellery would compliment this dress best? How should I complete my look?
Well so have we! Which is why we have introduced a new feature which should greatly assist in helping with these concerns. 

These reviews are photos and notes provided by real customers who have rented a dress and reviewed the style. The customer photos will help you make more informed decisions before you rent - making it a little easier to ensure you find the perfect fit and serve as some inspiration on how to perfect the styling on your outfit. 

Once you have found your dream dress take a peak at the sizing and styling notes which list the sizing measurements which we individually take on each and every dress. Then scroll down to view photos of how our customers have found the size and fit on that particular dress. It will help you make more informed decisions before you rent - making it a little easier to find answers to those critical questions when shopping, such as: Does it run true to size? What accessories should I add? Will the length be spot on? 

How It Works:

Submitting and viewing reviews and photos is really easy! Once you have rented a dress you will receive an email with the option to leave a review. Simply follow the prompts to provide some style notes and once you submit your review you will prompted to include a photo which really helps other customers. 

Some tips and tricks on what to include in your review:

  • Fit Tips: Sizing can be tricky, so be sure to describe the fit including any pros or cons and other helpful highlights. For example did it run true to size? Was the length good for your height? 
  • Help A Sister Out: Ensure any notes on how you completed your look. Did you pair with black heels or nude heels? Would you suggest a drop earring or a statement necklace?
  • Don't Forget a Pic: It always helps to visualise and see how the dress looks on different body shapes. 
Your review and any photos will go live on our site within 24 hours of submission - added below the dress on the product page. 
Our dream if to have hundreds of real customer photos on each product so that rent with even more confidence! You can browse through all current product reviews here.
Here's how reviews and photos look on our site:
Your Closet Review
We hope you love this feature as much as we do and find it genuinely helpful when selecting your perfect fit!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about this new feature or our service in general - please send us a note at [email protected] We would love to hear your thoughts!

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